Monday, August 13, 2018

My Financial "To Do" List

From now until December, there are several financial things I (we) need to do:

  • Pay off my credit card.  I'm almost there and my main client that I do a lot of work for just told me I would be getting a bigger raise than I expected to get so that will help!
  • Pay for hubby's bowling leagues.  He bowls two leagues which start in September and we like to pay for the entire nine month season the first week of bowling.
  • Pay for the next six months of our car insurance which is due in September (there is a significant difference when paying in full versus paying monthly).
  • Plan something for hubby's 70th birthday in February.
  • Get a box of gifts to send to the Philippines for Christmas (it takes two months to arrive so we need to send the box by early October).
  • Put aside money for Christmas.  We give the kids (5) and grandkids (14) cash for Christmas.  According to my Facebook feed, people are already getting ready for Christmas and it is still August!  eekkk
  • Towards the end of the year I always pull our free annual credit reports to make sure all is correct on them and I also look at all of our bills and determine if there is any way to reduce them.
  • Move!  We have still been talking about this and with the latest shoot out in our neighborhood a few days ago (this is the fifth shootout between cops and criminals in our neighborhood in the past year or so and we live in a nice neighborhood!), it's back as a hot topic.

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