Sunday, August 12, 2018

10 Items to Always Carry With You

Based on my experience today...  Hubby dropped me off at the outlet mall so I could walk while he want to the casino and I realized that there are several things I always have with me just in case...

  1. A bottle of water (it was an outdoor mall, lots of shade but still).
  2. Sunscreen (for a minute I thought the free bus wasn't coming so I was going to have to walk myself to the casino in the high heat, sunscreen would have saved me from being burnt to a crisp).
  3. Granola bar or other snack (saves me from getting hungry then buying expensive snack food at the mall).
  4. Packet of tissue (with allergies, this saves me from finding a restroom to get tissue).
  5. Sunglasses (a necessity in Las Vegas).
  6. Cash and coins (I always tip the free bus driver $1 and if I want to buy something small it's good to have small bills on hand to pay for these sorts of things).
  7. Packet of aspirin (a quick cure for headaches, etc).
  8. Ear buds (when I wait for hubby I often watch Ted talks and YouTube videos on my phone so ear buds are required for listening to these things and not annoying everyone in the vicinity).
  9. Cell phone (a necessity these days!).
  10. Uber app (the kiosk said the free bus which is supposed to run around downtown all day wasn't in service.  I nearly needed to call an Uber but the bus did show up and the bus driver just said the kiosk is never right...).

1 comment:

  1. I never have aspirin, earbuds, or app. However, I never take aspirin, use earbuds at all, or need the app. And, there are other things I always carry.