Saturday, August 11, 2018

Exercising When It Is 110 Degrees Outside

Our treadmill has been getting a workout by both myself and hubby this summer.  It's been over 100 degrees outside for I don't know how many weeks and so the only options for walking are #1, walking outside at 5am before it gets too hot, #2, walking through the huge air conditioned casinos here (but there are a lot of tourists which makes walking at a good pace difficult), or #3, investing in a treadmill.  Many people here have treadmills or other exercise equipment basically because of the weather.  Overall it was a good investment; we bought a cheap, used one when we first moved here and that one got lots of use so we bought this slightly better one because the old one was wearing out and I am happy to report that it has definitely been worth the money we spent on it!


  1. Even here, which is much cooler (yesterday was 90), I work out first thing in the morning, or do an alternative workout in my house. Yesterday, a friend convinced me to walk during soccer warmups for the kids, and it was 85. I was miserable.

    We used to have a treadmill when we lived in Seattle, but that was because of the rain. :-)

    1. We had a treadmill in Seattle for the same reason. One long walk in the rain there and hubby headed straight for the store to get a treadmill!