Friday, August 10, 2018

My Free Entertainment Today

What I find entertaining might not appeal to everyone but since I am kind of a tech geek, I spent my day vicariously at DefCon via Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and various tech sites that were reporting on the event.  While DefCon, the huge hacking conference, is literally right down the street from me, I didn't attend in person.  Most of their topics are way beyond my ability plus when I checked a couple weeks ago, all of the workshops were full with waiting lists.  Joining 20,000+ people at an event isn't really my thing.

It was rather fascinating to see all of the news and drama as it happened in real time though.  In one case a guy reported that a woman he brought to his room last night stole all of his stuff (a common thing with in-call hookers in the city), another guy was escorted out of the conference by the police because the police saw his tweet about an "attack".  The guy meant hacking attack, not like, an October 1 style attack.  The kids group were tasked with hacking voting machines because it was considered too easy a task for adult hackers (yikes!), the Wall of Sheep is always fascinating (if the people at the conference can hack into the attendees cell and computers because they used unsecured WiFi their name gets put on the wall to shame them), some of the badges the attendees wore were exploding because of the batteries (eekkk), and I think someone(s) hacked into the host casino's customer comps system.  So much interesting stuff and still two more days to go!

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