Friday, September 21, 2018

Coming Up...Tariffs

I've heard the news about the new trade war/tariffs that will soon go into effect but so far it hasn't impacted us yet that I can tell.  The news is saying that if you are in the market for a new car, you will feel the impact of the new tariffs.  Walmart is saying that many of their products that come from China will cost more as soon as the tariffs go into effect.  Even health and beauty products will feel the sting of higher prices due to the tariffs.

Since we already have a car (that I hope will last for the next 20 years), we won't be impacted by the car tariffs.  Since we buy a lot of stuff second hand, I think we will avoid price hikes that way.  But of course, price hikes on household products will pretty much impact everyone.  I know there are a lot more ways we can be frugal (using rags instead of paper towels, making our own cleaning products) but costs haven't got that out of hand (yet).

I'm hoping that economic pressure on the president will help correct this situation as quickly as possible, but increasing prices without the benefit of increasing wages is a problem for everyone.  Currently we are in the trial stages of living on a fixed income as we rely on hubby's Social Security and pension to pay the bills while my income is flexible depending on how much contract work I want to do, and pays for the "nice to have" stuff.  Looking towards our future, when we are old and have no extra work options, living on a fixed income with no wiggle room seems pretty scary!  Living frugally is one thing but there is a point when people can't be any more frugal and when prices continue to rise it makes me wonder how people will survive!

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