Thursday, September 20, 2018

Some Great Deals

Here are some great deals I came across today...

  • Saturday is National Public Lands Day which means free entry to all national park, forests, recreation areas, etc.  Find details here.
  • Here's an updated list of the 130 Best Military Discounts for 2018.  
  • I peruse Deal News, Kinja Deals, Slick Deals, etc. to see if there are any amazing deals to be had each day.  The vast majority of deals are for things I don't want or need but every once in a while I find a really fantastic deal.  I saw this deal for a new windbreaker jacket for $3.97 and figured that I should order a few of these to put aside for Christmas gifts.  Even though Christmas is three months away, now is a great time to start buying small gifts so you don't end up shopping like a maniac the week before Christmas!
  • If you like freebies, check out this subreddit.
  • Finally, you can now freeze your credit for free starting tomorrow.  I didn't know there was a charge for this but apparently there was.  This is a good way to keep your credit from being hijacked and protect yourself financially.

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