Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Seasonal Jobs Hiring Now

The holidays still seem a long way off to me.  Even though fall officially starts this coming Sunday, it is still 99ish degrees around here so it really doesn't put one in the holiday spirit yet.

The news, however, has been making a big deal about local businesses hiring for the holiday season and the hiring apparently begins this week(!).  Target is hiring, Kohls is hiring, UPS is hiring and so are dozens and dozens of other chain stores.  The news is saying how many people are going to splurge on holiday gifts this year (not a good thing IMHO as many economist see an economic downturn on the horizon) thus the huge need for workers.  But on the flip side, for those who are digging out of debt, this is an excellent opportunity to make a little extra money during the holiday season.  At minimum, you won't have to dig into your income or savings to pay for holiday gifts, and with enough extra work, you may even make a major dent into your debt!

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