Tuesday, September 18, 2018

10 Interesting Things That Could Happen in the Future

I have always been fascinated with what people think will happen in the future.  From the Jetsons to Orson Welles to Edgar Cayce, many people have had interesting ideas about what might happen in the future.  Here are some interesting things we should all be looking at as possibilities in our future...

  1. UBI.  The call for a Universal Basic Income has become louder and louder in recent years, mostly due to the prospect of automation taking jobs from many people.
  2. Self driving cars.  We already have a self driving bus here in Las Vegas, and I don't think it will be long before people switch over to self driving cars (not being a fan of driving I would LOVE that!).
  3. Automation.  I think if there is a way to automate a process, it will be done within the next decade or so.  The possibilities for automation are endless but where that leaves your average worker is still a big unknown.
  4. DNA gene editing, CRISPR, and treating people's medical issues based on their individual DNA.  It may sound like sci fi today but science is already making strides in that direction.
  5. Digital dictatorships.  Yikes!
  6. Moving towards a more vegan diet.  I certainly hope this becomes more of a norm as it seems to be a healthier and more sustainable way to eat.
  7. 3D printing...everything.  First people built homes from what their land could provide (trees, sod, etc) then Sear & Roebuck would mail people a package of pieces to build a house with, now we are heading towards 3D printing houses and pretty much any other consumer product we want!
  8. Like veganism, the move towards renewable energy sources would be an amazing thing.  Less pollution and cheaper energy without depleting the source of the energy would be wonderful!
  9. Of course some people are predicting some pretty scary things will happen in the not too distant future including pandemics, mass food shortages, and water shortages.  Eeekkkk
  10. Finally, all of these predictions are creepy AF but nonetheless, might be quite possible.

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