Sunday, September 16, 2018

This is Why I Am a Late Adapter

While I love technology in all its guises, I am actually a late adapter in almost all cases.  Early adapters, people who have to have the newest tech the minute it comes out, generally pay the highest prices and run the highest risk of their brand new tech items not working as promised (or even exploding!  Yikes!).  Here are several reasons I am usually cautious with new tech stuff...

  • Bitcoin was all the talk at our last Christmas dinner as all of the nieces and nephews who work in tech were raving about this new cyber currency (and collecting it up like they were investing in gold).  Now cyber currency is tanking.  I'm very leery about currency that is not regulated or backed by, well, anything or any government.
  • I'm a big fan of Galaxy cell phones.  I had the S3, Note 4, S5, and now the S8 Plus but I bought these all after they had been on the market for while and after they were priced at half off.  For those who bought the Galaxy Note 7 however, their phones would catch on fire and in some cases explode--yikes!--to the point that the entire line had to be recalled.  I like waiting for new tech to have a "shake out" period so any problems can be noted and fixed.
  • Sometimes new tech promises more than it can deliver.  My friend bought a new Tesla a couple years ago and raved about the "free" cost to drive it because it came with free charging for life.  As of today there was a notice that this perk will be going away.
  • MoviePass was a great idea for about a minute, but again, it seemed to have promised way more than it could deliver (how could they not see that some people when promised 'all the movies you can watch' wouldn't, well, watch all of the movies they possibly could?).
  • Finally, I am still leery about any personal tech that can be hacked.  Whether we are talking about cars, home assistants, or medical devices, having my tech stuff be hacked, or worse, be hacked and used against me, is pretty scary!

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  1. I have had the Galaxy S3 for just a few months and paid $49 for it. That is how late I am!