Monday, October 15, 2018

And Now For the Three-Year Plan to Pay Off Your New Cell Phone

I saw this article today about a cell phone company that will soon offer a three year plan for people to pay off their new cell phone and I was shocked (and horrified and appalled).  No one should take three years to pay off a cell phone.  A car, maybe, but a small consumer items that will be old tech within six months, no way!

While early adapters, and people with money--even those who don't have money but want to look like they have money--will clamor for the latest cell phone as soon as it is released (and pay top dollar for said phone, to the tune of $1000 plus), those of us with more modest needs and more modest incomes (and a rational brain in our heads) will look at every other option before paying out the nose for a cell phone.

If you want a new cell phone, here are some options:

  • Wait until they are discounted.  Galaxy S8 phones cost less than half price now that the S9s are out.
  • Buy second hand.  Usually those early adapters will sell their "old" phones the moment that a new phone is released.
  • Make your own phone.  I've never tried this but it looks like an interesting project.
  • Go retro and opt for a basic cell phone.  Some people only need their phones for talking so a simple (cheap) phone will work just fine for this.
  • If you are switching cell plans or companies, see if they offer free cell phones with sign up; many companies do this.
  • Buy a prepaid phone to use with your current wireless plan.  These phones are often cheaper and as long as the phone works with your network (Verizon and Sprint phones don't work with T Mobile and ATT service and vice versa) you can just swap sim cards and you are good to go.
With the dizzying array of new cell phones coming out on an almost monthly basis these days, there is no reason to pay top dollar for a new phone (and certainly no reason to finance the phone for three years!).

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  1. My Galaxy S3 cost me $49. I thought that was reasonable. I don't think these people who buy the latest phone at any price actually "need" all the features. I think these people need attention from the people who admire their phones. I could be wrong.