Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Today in Las Vegas News...

...our resident pimp died (brothels and prostitution is legal nearly everywhere in Nevada except Las Vegas).
...medical internships for high school students are now a thing here (and a brilliant idea IMHO).
...the Lotto is now up to almost a BILLION dollars!  We don't play the Lotto and Las Vegas residents need to drive about a half hour to the California border in order to buy tickets (the Lotto is illegal in Nevada) but there are plenty of people who love to play the lottery here.
...like in many states, there is questionable activities around the state's voter rolls (you can bet I will be voting in the upcoming mid terms!).
...someone crashed their Aston Martin on the Las Vegas Strip yesterday (absolutely nothing that happens in this city surprises me any more).
...our Golden Knights ice hockey team is losing this year (disappointing since last year as a brand new team they made to to the Stanley Cup playoffs).
...our weather has went from hot to cold.  It's in the 70s now and everyone is wearing coats!

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