Sunday, November 4, 2018

15 Things We Are Doing in November

Here's my post from yesterday...I posted it to the wrong blog!  Told you I was getting senile!  Yikes!

November is a pretty busy month and since I always make lists (I would probably forget to brush my teeth if it wasn't written down somewhere!), here is a look at my list for November...
  1. We turn all of our clocks back tonight since Daylight Savings Time ends early tomorrow morning.
  2. We are switching out all of our smoke detectors (I think they are about 10 years old and instead of just changing the batteries this time, we are going to replace them since they should be replaced every 10 years).
  3. We are also switching out our carbon monoxide detector (these are supposed to be changed out every five years or so and we are definitely overdue for this).
  4. We will be enjoying a free buffet on Veterans Day (many local casinos offer this and hubby is a veteran so we enjoy this perk every year in Las Vegas).
  5. We will be getting our two for one buffet coupons at Stations Casinos (every month hubby and I both get a 2-for-1 "Military Monday: buffet coupon from this local casino so it costs $9.99 for both of us to have lunch at one of the many Station Casino buffets...another nice perk).
  6. We are deciding what to do for Thanksgiving (usually we have a big party with all of the extended family but last year we had a nice meal at home for just the two of us and we really liked the low-key-ness of not hosting a huge party).
  7. I need to pull our free credit reports.  I do this once a year, usually at the end of the year just to make sure everything is accurate.
  8. Our anniversary is at the end of the month (32 years--holy cow!) so I am thinking about fun, yet inexpensive things to do to celebrate.  Fortunately there is a lot of these sorts of options in Las Vegas.
  9. Tomorrow we will probably go watch a free concert at our local library.  We have seen the Las Vegas Brass Band before and they are excellent!
  10. It is also rodeo time in Las Vegas.  This runs for about 6 weeks with all sorts of rodeo events culminating with the National Finals Rodeo (bonus, many of the events are free!).
  11. The weather is still perfect here (five weeks and we haven't needed air conditioning or heating...yippee!).  It is also the perfect weather for hiking (we love these free guided hikes at Red Rock Canyon).
  12. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.  Instead of shopping I will #OptOutside and go for a hike with my walking group!
  13. I am still looking for a replacement for my old laptop.  Maybe Cyber Monday will offer some reasonably priced options.
  14. I think I will join the reddit Secret Santa program this year.  I've never done it before but it looks like a fun and interesting opportunity (people have even been matched with Bill Gates in the past!).
  15. I need to get serious about building my business again.  My main client barely escaped being axed last month but she is still teetering on the edge of being let go (one of her Board members was just let go from her high paying health care job due to "reorganization" which means her high paying position will be given a new name and a salary of probably half of what she was making after being there for 25 years...eeekkkk).  The multiple streams of income thing (example here) is looking better and better everyday!

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