Sunday, November 4, 2018

10 Reasons I Love Costco

Costco is one of the membership fees I don't hesitate to pay each year, here's why:

  1. They pay their employees a living wage and their employees tend to work there forever.
  2. When I bought my last new car I got an additional $1000 discount just for showing my Costco card (a perk I didn't even know about until the car salesman asked me if I had a Costco card).
  3. Their toilet paper is awesome.
  4. Lots of free food samples, you can literally get a full meal there for free (hubby loves their $1.50 hot dog deal too).
  5. Their electronics like computers have a three-month return policy, other stuff you can return with no time limit.
  6. Some things (not all things, you need to know your prices) can be drastically cheaper than buying them from other stores.  I love their giant boxes of oatmeal for less than $10.
  7. Their birthday cakes are really cheap (and really good!).
  8. Some people swear by their gas station because it is good gas but cheaper than any other station in town (the lines are usually long though so I've only rarely got gas there).
  9. It has good sales (I have my eye on a pre-Thanksgiving day sale on a laptop which will be several hundred dollars off).
  10. It even has its own subreddit!

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