Monday, November 5, 2018

5 Things From Today

In no particular order...

  1. Thank goodness the mid-term elections are finished tomorrow!  The commercials are horrible and mean and my mailbox has been inundated with candidate mailers that they have wasted an entire tree on even though I voted a couple weeks ago. 
  2. Then there are the Black Friday sales which started the day after Halloween!  The only thing I am really looking for is a new laptop so hopefully I will find something I like on a good sale but it's just hard to believe that a one day "Black Friday" sale that used to take place the day after Thanksgiving is now a full month-long event!
  3. This time of year we have some really beautiful sunsets (see above)!
  4. This was a nice article about final finishers in marathons (I've been one before, right behind an 81 year old runner!). 
  5. And another article about unmanned stores in Japan made me think of the old farm stands years ago.  My grandparents did this sort of thing with their U Pick farm; when they were gone people would just pick their berries and leave money in a coffee can on the back porch.  Nearby was a neighbor's honey house where you picked up jars of raw honey and left the money for it in a metal box on the counter.  Those were the good old days...


  1. What a beautiful sunset! I will be working outside the polls this afternoon at the Dem hospitality table. Hoping for the best today.

  2. I find it rather disheartening with all the consumerism going on-I realize this is their biggest time of the year for selling things and they make most of their sales at Christmas time but it detracts from the season in my opinion. And I am extremely glad the elections are almost finished-they are driving me crazy!