Tuesday, November 6, 2018

No Spend 5 Weeks...Starting Tomorrow

Hubby and I are trying an experiment starting tomorrow.  Each month we use hubby's Social Security check for our monthly spending money (for gas, groceries, entertainment, shopping, etc).  Each Christmas we send the kids and grandkids money for Christmas.  While we usually take some money out of savings, along with some of our regular spending money to do this, we are going to shoot for a no-spend five weeks, from tomorrow to the second Wednesday in December, so that when hubby's Social Security check rolls in on the second Wednesday of next month, we will have the entire check to send to the kids and grandkids.

With a little effort this will be totally do-able.  We have plenty of food to cook at home, we can skip shopping for five weeks and probably won't miss a thing, we can choose to do things closer to home for entertainment rather than driving all over the place to save money on gas, and we can skip trips to Costco and the Goodwill.  We will use only the cash we have on hand to pay for gas and limited perishable groceries, and we don't foresee any bigger expenses coming our way through the end of the year.

Cash flowing Christmas is the way to go and we can definitely reign in our spending for the next month to make this happen!

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