Thursday, November 15, 2018

5 (Drastic?) Ways To Save Money on Personal Hygiene

I've read about these things on other websites.  Apparently they are great--if a bit drastic--ways to save money.  So while I haven't actually tried these things myself I will toss them out there for your consideration...

  1. Get a bidet.  This saves on the cost of toilet paper but in my mind it seems a bit extreme (although many people swear by them).  My friends in Japan all had bidets in their bathrooms but I was afraid to try them thinking I would press the wrong button and cause a huge water fountain in their bathrooms or something.  eeekkk
  2. Use a Diva Cup.  Can you imagine never having to pay for feminine hygiene supplies again?  Apparently menstrual cups are a one-time purchase and last for years.  We saw one in the store and I explained to hubby how they work and he was rather horrified but many people swear by them.
  3. Stop washing your hair.  This is a recently trendy thing but some people rave about the effects of not washing their hair.  I can only imagine the icky mess my hair would become but YMMV.
  4. Stop eating (kind of).  Intermittent fasting is another hot trend.  It will obviously save you money on food and it is also supposed to improve your health.
  5. Take cold showers.  Even the thought of that gives me the shivers (I like my showers blasting hot) but this is a good way to save money on hot water and it is supposed to be good for your health too!


  1. That would be a "no" from 1 through 5, lol. I try and keep my "products" to a minimum so as to not clutter up counter space in the bathroom and in my life in general. I do feel terrible about using plastic bottled products and I'd like to go back to soap or maybe try soap shampoo.

    1. I'm a minimalist too. I just Googled bars of shampoo and those look interesting--I will have to check them out!