Friday, November 16, 2018

A Frugal Friday Roundup

We are back on the frugal wagon so it has been a pretty uneventful day!  I made pancakes for breakfast, made sandwiches to take with us for lunch, and will make spaghetti and salad for dinner.  In general we can get by pretty frugally if we skip shopping and eating out (although for the eating out part hubby gets lots of casino comps so our meals are actually free except for the tip).

I hope all of you getting hit by the early snow are safe and warm at home.  Snow is something we definitely DON'T miss (I like the though of snow and the pictures of snow, I just don't like the shoveling and power outages that come along with snow storms).

Speaking of winter, here are some frugal tips for winterizing your car.

This was a fun frugal tip that came up on reddit today--the lady saved McDonalds packaging and made her own "fast food" at home for the kids.  Clever!

Good news, gas prices should be heading lower.  Bad news, Pfizer is raising their drug prices in January (when will we get socialized medicine????).  Also the price of postage may be going up so now is a good time to stock up if you use them.

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