Saturday, November 10, 2018

A New Laptop

I had money set aside for a new laptop, and in fact I had bought three or four over the past several months and I didn't like any of them so back to the store they went.  My old laptop is going on four years old, and while it has been a real work horse (Dell rocks!), it was getting old and slow and had very little memory left.  I had kind of given up on finding a new laptop within my budget ($1000) with the specs I wanted (4k screen, i7, 15", 16GB ram, 512 GB SSD) but I was checking out the early Black Friday ads yesterday and found a really well reviewed HP Spectre laptop that had all of the specs I was looking for, and it was $500 off!  This put the laptop right at my budget so off I went to Best Buy to purchase it.  So far it is amazing!  Fast and responsive and excellent screen and a great typing experience.  I'm still amazed at the price.  So while we haven't spent anything over the past few days for our no-spend five weeks, and even though I had the money set aside for this laptop, I still feel like I torpedoes our no-spend challenge.  I didn't think I would find this good of a deal again so I snapped up the laptop as soon as I saw the sale.  Oh well, back on the no-spend bus we go...


  1. This was a planned purchased saved for - plus you had bought it a couple times and returned them, you had no option except to buy. Financially it just makes sense - if your car breaks down you might have to repair it - these are required spending, not frivolous spending so I don't think it counts against you :)

  2. My current PC and last laptop were both HPs and I have been happy with the brand.

    - Dar @ anexactinglife

    1. I haven't owned an HP for years--thanks for the vote of confidence!