Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day!

It was a quiet Veterans Day for us.  The roads are pretty much a mess since there was a Veterans Day parade which shut down many of the roads downtown then this afternoon the Las Vegas Strip was shut down for the Las Vegas Marathon which will take place this evening.  Add to that all kinds of cowboys being shuttled around town for the rodeo events and that means we we stay far away from all of the hoopla.

What we did do was take advantage of some of the Veterans Day specials that were offered around town since hubby is a veteran.  While there were so many freebies for veterans, there's a limit to how much we can eat so we decided to go to the free buffet at South Point Casino which we do every year, then hubby picked up a coupon at Great Clips for a free haircut, we stopped by Tropical Smoothie and hubby picked up a huge smoothie for free, then we stopped at Little Caesars and got a free pizza and drink which they were giving away to veterans.  Besides a few dollars in tips, this was a pretty much free day! 

We really appreciate all of the businesses that are so generous to veterans and while standing in line for the buffet we made new friends and invited them bowling (they are new to town and didn't know about the Filipino bowling leagues here).  Overall a very enjoyable day!

Also, to those who have served our country, thank you for your service!