Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Christmas Gift Idea

We headed over to one of the nearby Nevada State Parks in our Area (Spring Mountain) and picked up our annual pass (plus got some great photos of the beautiful park!) and it dawned on me that a state parks pass would be a great gift to give someone for Christmas.  A state parks pass (most states have these) is a great idea since...

  • instead of paying a daily fee, the pass is good for entry into any state park, every day of the year, for an entire year.
  • many passes can be fairly inexpensive (our pass only cost $30 for a year because hubby is a senior).  Some parks give discounted passes to the elderly, to military members, low income folks, people who volunteer a certain number of hours in the park, etc.  Even at the regular rate, if the pass is used often, it can be a great deal.
  • our parks always have fun activities going on--from outdoor yoga to guided hikes to sleigh rides and more--many of which are free!
  • our park system also has a special "passport program" where if you visit 15 of the 27 parks in the state and get your "passport" booklet stamped at each park you will get a free annual park pass for the next year.
  • the parks are a great place to entertain the kids, have picnics, go fishing, etc.
  • the rangers and volunteers at the park are amazing!  They have lots of info about the park, about other parks in the system, they tell great stories, and really love to get people excited about visiting and enjoying the parks. 
This coming year we are making a concerted effort to hit every park in the state!

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