Wednesday, December 19, 2018

10 Holiday Freebies in Las Vegas

I came across a bunch of freebies being offered in my city and figured these or similar programs may be offered in other cities as well for the holidays:
  1. Our animal shelter is clearing out all of their rescues by offering free dog and cat adoptions through the end of the year.
  2. Our city has free Christmas tree recycling after the holidays.
  3. Tipsy Tow operates on New Year's Eve to get people and their vehicles home safely for free.
  4. Our bus system is free on New Years Eve and New Years Day to get people to and from events safely.
  5. Amazon is offering free shipping for everyone (not just Prime members) for a few more days.
  6. There are plenty of free holiday lights shows to check out (examples here, here, and here).
  7. It's snowing in our local mountains so you can bet that families will head up there to let their kids play in the snow.
  8. Our library system is amazing!  They are offering everything from free meals and crafts programs for kids to performances and other events for the whole family (this is a great, free, way to keep the kids occupied while they are on Christmas break from school).
  9. There is always something happening in Las Vegas.  We are looking forward to checking out the new Eataly on The Strip and visiting the Christmas Clydesdale horses which will be on display at a local casino.
  10. Our usual freebies which we will be enjoying over the next week or so: free walks with the walking club coupons, free bowling with hubby's bowling coupons, free buffets with our military coupons, and maybe a free hike at our local state park!

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