Thursday, December 20, 2018

I Quit job that is.  After a couple of attempts to raise my salary to be more commensurate with the work I do, the Executive Board met today and offered me a very small raise.  I told them no thanks and that I would be quitting by the end of the year.  That's in 10 days and I have no back-up plan!  eeekkkk

Hubby didn't seemed phased by this, he just said we have enough income each month that I don't need to work but I bought a car a few years ago that I am still paying off and I don't want this to impact our regular income so I need to find some way to pay off my car ASAP.  I have a few other minor sources of income but this job pays much more so finding a way to replace this income is my top priority.

Oddly enough, I've quit several jobs in the same fashion over the years.  When I get to the point where I am thoroughly annoyed with the way things are going with a job I usually hang on for a bit and then--boom--I am outta there.

I really hope 2019 is a better year, this year has been pretty meh.


  1. The people/businesses with money want to keep it all to themselves, sadly. Working people need to get paid what they're worth and that just isn't happening. I hope things turnaround soon, starting with a decent minimum wage.

  2. Congratulations, I think. It is hard to feel under valued. If you were working for choice, you were fortunate to have the option of stepping down.

    1. I'm fortunate that I don't HAVE to work but I really like to work, I just feel like people should be paid a wage that is fair compared to everyone else in the office but there isn't much recourse if that isn't the case.