Friday, December 21, 2018

Today is...

...the winter solstice.  It's the shortest day of the year so beginning tomorrow our days will be getting incrementally longer.  An added bonus will be a full moon and a meteor shower so go outside tonight and tomorrow night and look up!
...three days before Christmas Eve.  This year seems to have flown by!  For the last three days I have been baking for various events, three more big events and I will be done baking!
...the day of the government shutdown.  If congress and the president can't get their act together, federal workers and federal agencies will be shut down beginning this evening.
...the first day of a bear market.  I think that economically we will be in for a bumpy ride for the next few years.
...the beginning of the big holiday travel weekend.  If you are traveling for the holidays, stay safe out there!
...ten days before the new year!  Do you have your new year's eve plans set?  Do you have your new year's resolutions made?


  1. I have huge New Years plans being a stage mom for launch of show choir season. I'm happy the days will start getting longer.