Thursday, December 27, 2018

Carpet Cleaning

At the end of the year I always like to do a deep cleaning of our house.  Since there are only a few days left until the new year, I shooed hubby out the door (he was more than happy to go play poker while I cleaned) then went to work vacuuming then shampooing all of the carpet in the house (two floors worth!).  Now I have backed myself into the kitchen and need to sit here until the carpet dries!

When we first moved in we bought a basic carpet shampooer (it looks like a vacuum with reservoirs for clean and dirty water) and I think it only cost around $80.  This has been a great investment as I clean all of the carpet about twice a year so no need to hire the job done (most of our neighbors do this--a van pulls up, they pull out some huge hoses, then go to work shampooing) or rent a shampooer (who knows where those brushes have been).  It takes a few hours of work but the finished product is well worth it and by now we have paid off the cost of the shampooer several times over!


  1. I have one of those shampooers and usually do the carpets in the summer when I'm off. My master plan is to have no carpet in the house so this chore will no longer have to be done. Only two rooms left to change over! Less carpet has also helped with my daughter's allergies and vacuuming is easy now with just a stick vac.

    1. You guys have done a great job installing your wood floors!

  2. I'm always impressed by people who clean their own carpets. Our entire house is carpeted (sans bathrooms and kitchen, of course)and I hate vacuuming more than any chore and carpet cleaning is even worse. Its one of the few services I'm happy to outsource (plus my favorite cleaners do a great job). I even "outsource" my vacuuming to a robot vacuum. There are a lot of things I'll do to save money but this isn't one of them! More power to you.