Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Starting Our Frugal Year Early

We decided that 2019 will be the year of simplicity and frugality for us (except for one big project that I may or may not get to which includes doing a 10k walk in every state and in every state capital for our walking club remains to be seen if we will be able to do that this year or not). 

So starting today we began our new year a little early and enjoyed our first frugal adventure--bowling.  Hubby had coupons for free bowling that he got through his league which needed to be used by the end of the year so we went and bowled two games each.  I am super lousy at bowling and hubby is super good at bowling so when I pulled off the feat shown in the picture above (me way above my normal 60 average and hubby way below his normal 200 average), I had to take a picture of it!


  1. I used to be in a league many years ago and I enjoyed it. I can't bowl anymore because of arthritis in my thumb, My average was about 128-130 back then. Good luck on your walking goals!

  2. Free bowling sounds great! My husband & I took advantage of an unexpected kid free day yesterday, and had a beer & played Jenga in a super cute pub. It wasn't free, but definitely inexpensive. We came home after & had leftovers.