Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Are You a Writer and Love Hallmark Movies?

For me it is day two of being unemployed.  To be fair, I haven't really put much thought into another job or income source since we have been so busy with our guests plus I have enough savings to cover a couple more months of my bills so the topic is on the back burner, so to speak, but I did come across an interesting writing job.

You know all of those cheesy, sappy Hallmark Christmas movies that people love?  Well Hallmark is opening the book/movie writing process to everyone with this upcoming contest.  And while I have never given such a writing job much thought, apparently they are quite particular about what they accept (here is a whole article on how to write a Hallmark Christmas movie).  You must have drama, but not too much drama; you must have snow, and can never have too much snow!

If you are a writer or have some drafts saved up that might work, why not give this contest a shot?  Good luck!

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