Saturday, February 9, 2019

Things I Won't Scrimp On

This thread came up on reddit today asking about things people won't scrimp on which got me thinking about things I would rather pay a higher price for than suffer through cheaper alternatives.  My list includes...

  • Toilet paper (I LOVE the Kirkland brand at Costco)
  • Tampons (they have these at the $1 store but I can't even imagine the quality--or lack thereof--so it is OB all the way)
  • Chocolate (high quality only--Lindt, Milka, Godiva--not Hersheys or other cheap brands!)
  • Shoes (Brooks, Keen, Merrell, etc. I'd much rather pay more for better quality than buy multiple cheap pairs)
  • Electronics like cell phones, computers, and tablets (I buy the highest quality Android/Windows products then keep them for years)
  • Food (I like real food--good butter, real maple syrup, real vanilla, etc.  No fake stuff for us thank you very much)
  • Jewelry (real 14k-24k gold none of that fake stuff that turns your skin green!)
  • Cars (we buy highly rated cars like Hondas then drive them until they die)
  • Sheets (1000 thread count soft cotton sheets are way better than sandpaper-ish low thread count sheets since we spend a third of our lives on them)
That's an example of the things that I feel are important.  Generally I'll opt for paying more for quality over things of lesser quality that I won't want to use or that will annoy me to death if I use them.


  1. I'm not much into jewelry, but what I do have is high quality. If it were up to me, I'd have less (everything was a gift or from my in laws), but it would still be nice. I'm also not a big car person, but something reliable is critical!

    1. We went with a new car so it would be reliable and last for a couple decades but I would really like to live where I could walk to do all of my errands!