Sunday, February 10, 2019

100 Sources of Income

I have always been a fan of multiple sources of income.  When one income source dries up, no problem, there is always money coming in from other sources.  To give you some idea of the myriad of ways there are to have multiple sources of income, consider these money-earning opportunities:

  1. Full time job
  2. Work overtime/get a raise/seek bonuses when available at tour regular job
  3. Part time job
  4. Seasonal or annual job
  5. Be an on call sub (teaching, bus driving, event staffing, etc)
  6. Join the military
  7. Apprenticeships
  8. Freelance work
  9. Contract work
  10. Work through a temp agency
  11. Create a brick and mortar business
  12. Create an online business
  13. Sell things on commission--real estate, cars, etc.
  14. Buy and sell--garage sales, at Swap Meets, eBay, Craigslist
  15. Sell your creations--Etsy, farmer's markets, etc
  16. Gig work--Uber/Lyft/PostMates, Rover, etc
  17. Gig work--online (MTurk, surveys, etc)
  18. Rent out things you own--Air BnB, Turo, your driveway in areas with limited parking
  19. Sell your body--plasma, hair, clinical trials, eggs, sperm, breast milk
  20. Sell stuff--retail arbitrage
  21. Home services--clean houses, babysit, organize homes, house sit
  22. Help people--Task Rabbit, hauling/moving people's stuff
  23. Mobile services--mobile car wash, mobile hair cuts, mobile pet grooming
  24. Online jobs--tutoring, translating, customer service, tech support
  25. Own a franchise
  26. Teach what you know (college, community education, parks and rec programs, etc)
  27. Royalties--from books
  28. Royalties--from acting (movies and TV)
  29. Royalties--from music (singing, composing, writing lyrics)
  30. Royalties--from inventions
  31. Build businesses and sell them
  32. Buy things and part them out--cars, condemned houses and buildings
  33. Develop and patent ideas/items and sell them
  34. Develop apps/software and sell them
  35. Create and sell t shirts/custom designed items online
  36. Get certified to provide a service--notary, ordained minister, etc
  37. Install apps on your phone that pay you to do this
  38. Bird dog fee--from realtors, from car sales
  39. Passive online income--from AdSense, advertising, affiliate links on websites and blogs
  40. Be a virtual assistant/digital nomad
  41. Sell products via drop shipping on Amazon and other sites
  42. Create and sell online products (courses, videos, etc)
  43. Drive RVs and cars from dealerships to RV shows, other dealerships, etc.
  44. Flip things--houses, websites, domain names, Instagram accounts, etc
  45. Coach people--fitness coach, business coach, lifestyle coach
  46. If you see a problem, fit it for a fee--shovel snow, mow yards, etc.
  47. Profit from your hobby--guide fishing trips, make wedding cakes, do sewing alterations, etc.
  48. Put together an event and charge others to attend/participate (music festival, author book fair)
  49. Do credit card/airline miles churning
  50. Allow advertisers to wrap your car
  51. Do busking in high tourist areas
  52. Be a nude model for art classes
  53. Get paid a bounty for finding software and app bugs
  54. Enter contests
  55. Search for unclaimed money/class action rebates (do this for others for a fee too)
  56. Collect and recycle aluminum cans and other metals
  57. Barter for things you can resell (a la One Red Paperclip)
  58. Rent out your time (as a professional cuddler, as a LEGAL escort, doing singing telegrams, etc)
  59. Be a tester--taste tester, condom tester, bed tester, mystery shopper, etc)
  60. Become a politician (members of Congress make $174k a year!)
  61. Apply for fellowships (the Thiel Fellowship pays $100k per year!)
  62. Be a professional game player (video games, poker player, etc)
  63. If you live in a touristy area be a local tour guide, create specialized tours for photographers/runners/etc
  64. If you have specialized knowledge, be an expert legal witness for trials
  65. If you have specialized knowledge, get on the speaking circuit for conferences/events
  66. Launch a startup with VC money
  67. Make viral videos (of you, your cat, your kids, your niche)
  68. Sell your voice (voice over work, recording audiobooks, etc)
  69. Be a social media influencer
  70. Do media work (transcriber, editor, proofreader, graphics design and editing, etc)
  71. Sell products in your niche (teaching plans and curriculum to teachers, protocols to medical professionals, etc)
  72. Work in (barely) legal industries (we have legal prostitution in Nevada, several states have marijuana-related jobs, in-person and online gambling is legal in some areas, mercenaries are usually former military members, cam girls make a lot of money, etc)
  73. Create and sell food (catering, bottle/package an old family recipe, enter food contests, food blogging/photography)
  74. Less than savory short-term jobs--MLMs, time share selling, telemarketing, etc
  75. Product demonstration--at Costco and grocery stores, in videos, on HSN, etc
  76. Use analytics and data skills to help businesses for a fee (customer acquisition, streamlining AP/AR/purchasing/processes)
  77. Be part of a paid focus group, mock jury, opinion survey
  78. Be a model (hand model, leg model, cat walk model, hair model, etc)
  79. Pension--Social Security
  80. Pension--military
  81. Pension--civil service
  82. Pension--corporate
  83. 401k/403b
  84. IRA/Roth IRA
  85. Investments--mutual funds
  86. Investments--stocks
  87. Investments--bonds
  88. Investments--REITs
  89. Investments--CDs
  90. Investments--peer to peer lending
  91. Investments--be a silent partner/investor in a business
  92. Investments--day trader
  93. Investments--currency trading (including Bitcoin and cyber money)
  94. Real estate--rent houses
  95. Real estate--rent a room in your house long term
  96. Real estate--own apartment building
  97. Real estate--rent agricultural/farm land
  98. Real estate--rent office buildings/office space
  99. Real estate--rent industrial space
  100. Finally, if you see a need in the market, fill it (this could launch entire new industries!)

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