Thursday, February 28, 2019

This Weekend Is...

...NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas.  It should be busy here with all kinds of fan fests, the hauler's parade down Las Vegas Boulevard, and lots of racing fans all over the place!
...Friday thru Saturday is the National Day of Unplugging.  Everyone is encouraged to "unplug" from social media and technology in general for 24 hours.  That sounds like an excellent idea!
...the weekend before Mardi Gras.  While the holiday isn't a big deal in Las Vegas (other than another excuse for people to drink!), those in New Orleans and other southern locales will be partying through the weekend and into Tuesday (Mardi Gras), followed by Ash Wednesday, and then Lent (March 6 to April 18).
...our first weekend of 70 degree temperatures for the year!  I can't believe it was 30 degrees and snowing only a week ago and today the weather was absolutely perfect!
...six weeks before income taxes are due.  We owe this year (it was expected) and I am in no hurry to pay so we will probably file our taxes at the end of the month.

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