Thursday, March 28, 2019

10 Things for Guests

We've been busy this week with the SILs (one who is visiting and one who is moving here) and their friends (they know A LOT of people in Vegas and southern California).  Here are 20 things about having guests...

  1. We make sure we are stocked up on supplies (lots of toilet paper from Costco, a supply cabinet with soap/spare toothpaste/spare toothbrushes/etc).
  2. We also stocked up on food (before they got here we went to the Asian food store and stocked up on Filipino food, got cases of bottled water from Costco, and hit the butcher shop and seafood stores).
  3. We cook three times a day for whoever is here and leave plenty of leftovers in the fridge that can easily be heated up.
  4. Fortunately one SIL has her car here so they can go around together.  We also have a spare car for guests who don't drive here which makes it easier than schlepping people all over town, this way they can come and go as they please.
  5. We have a half dozen spare house keys and give one to each guest so they can come and go even if we aren't home.
  6. We kind of have our own set schedule and try to work our schedule around the things that our guests want to do.
  7. I email lots of info to each of our guests about things I know they like to do (one SIL loves bingo so I send her links to all of the bingo places around town, another likes touristy stuff so I send her suggestions of things to do).
  8. I've got Megabus, FlixBus, and Google flights on my favorites list so I can easily look up/book travel for them (they are going to LA this week and maybe elsewhere next week so it's easy enough to look up and find the best fares this way.  All of us are too old to want to drive six+ hours one way to further flung destinations).
  9. We use coupons and know where all the best (cheapest) restaurant specials are for when we take everyone out to the occasional dinner.  This plus using hubby's casino comps makes treating our guests to a dinner out very inexpensive.
  10. We will occasionally do touristy things with our guests but more often than not will do things like drop them off on The Strip then pick them up later (saves the expensive parking fee) since the last thing hubby wants to do is walk for miles on this popular tourist attraction in our city.
Overall we love having guests but we like when they "do their own thing" while they are here, using our house as their home base.  This seems to work out well for everyone.


  1. In two weeks, my lifelong friend is coming to visit me from Chicago. I haven't seen her since 2003 and she's never met my daughter. She'll only be here for 3 days and she doesn't want me to plan a whole bunch of stuff. She just wants to visit with me. I'm frantic. Also, she's on a low/no carb diet so planning meals or thinking of somewhere to eat is a challenge, especially here in the south where fried fish, chicken and biscuits are everywhere. lol She likes to walk so I have scenic places picked out for that. I'm trying to remain calm. I admire how organized and prepared you are. I'd be a wreck!

    1. Fortunately these are low maintenance guests! High maintenance guests who I have to entertain continually and cater to make me a wreck too :) I'm sure your friend will love the Gulf Coast but no carb in Alabama is going to be a challenge!! Good luck!