Thursday, March 14, 2019

30 Safety Items That Are Well Worth the Money

I am a big proponent of safety--to the point that if I see something unsafe I will point it out to whoever is in charge of the area and ask them to politely fix it...kind of odd but there you have it.  That being said, I just can't fathom it when major problems can be averted by spending a bit of money yet people don't do it (you know how many kids die in house fires because their parents can buy cigarettes and alcohol but not a $10 smoke detector?  That's infuriating!).  Here are 30 safety items that are definitely worth the money:

  1. Smoke detectors.
  2. CO detectors.
  3. Fire extinguisher.
  4. Infant car seats/child car booster seats.
  5. Dead bolt locks.
  6. Security screen doors.
  7. Gun safes/gun locks.
  8. First aid kit.
  9. Auto shut off appliances (irons, coffee makers, space heaters, etc).
  10. NOAA weather radio.
  11. Fire escape ladder for second floor bedrooms.
  12. Car emergency escape tool.
  13. Grab bars for the bathroom (for elderly/infirm)
  14. Car emergency kit.
  15. Baby-proofing items in you have a baby or toddler (gate, outlet covers, etc).
  16. Exterior motion detector lights.
  17. Flashlights and spare batteries.
  18. Non-spark utility shut off tool.
  19. Shelter in place items (bottled water, food, face masks, AM/FM radio, etc).
  20. Bicycle/motorcycle helmet (if you ride either of these).
  21. Grab and go bag for each family member (in case you need to evacuate in a hurry).
  22. Medical alert system (for those prone to falling, the ill, the elderly).
  23. Weapons to protect yourself (gun, Mace, baseball bat, etc).
  24. Prescription medicine dispensing system (to prevent overdoses).
  25. Breaker bar/ax/emergency whistle/etc. (to escape if trapped in your home).
  26. Waterless hand sanitizer (to prevent the spread of germs).
  27. Life vests/flotation devices (for both pool and open water use).
  28. Strapping to tie down water heater/TVs/dressers/other items that could fall and crush someone.
  29. Bleach (can be used as a sanitizer and also to purify water).
  30. Extra cash (can be used in many emergencies).

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