Friday, March 15, 2019


I don't write down the things I'm grateful for, although many people do, but everyday I like to make a list of things in my head that I am grateful for...

  • One year ago today hubby had four stents placed in his heart and since then has been the picture of health.  I'm very grateful for modern medicine!
  • We have a nice, clean, safe, warm house to live in which I am grateful for everyday.
  • We have plenty to eat, plenty of good food in our house, and if we want something else, we can go out and get food from from nearly every country in the world at the many, many restaurants in our city.
  • We are free to travel anywhere, any time.
  • I am super grateful for the internet which provides everything from news and information, to entertainment, to connections with friends and family, and even the ability to work from home online!
  • I am very grateful for my wonderful husband!
  • We really appreciate the weather where we live (warm and sunny as opposed to shoveling snow on the daily).
Sometimes in the midst of all of the bad news (the NZ mass shooting which happened last night, college scandals, etc) it is good to look at the positive things in life and be grateful for what you have!

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