Saturday, March 16, 2019

A (Very) Cheap TV Antenna

Hubby was shopping the other day and picked up a digital TV antenna that cost $1.99 at the 99 Cent Store (more and more of their stuff is costing more than 99 cents these days but that's another post).  Anyway, when hubby shops alone, it's anyone's guess what he will buy.  And while we didn't need any more TV antennas (we have one TV hooked up to cable TV and these rest have OTA antennas all of which cost around $15-$25 each), he said "it was so cheap I just had to buy it!"  Ayayay.

I really thought it was just a piece of cheap plastic and would be worth about what he paid for it but after he plugged it into one of the TVs, I was pretty surprised that it picked up all of the stations that the more expensive antenna picked up!  There are a wide range of OTA antennas--both in price and in the strength of the channel signals you are supposed to pick up--but I guess since we live right in the city and the city is kind of bowl-shaped, the signals are pretty good no matter what sort of antenna you use.  I definitely recommend trying the cheap OTA antennas first to see how many channels you can pick up before splurging on a more expensive antenna.

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  1. That's amazing. Hubby and I are always surprised at things that sell for just a buck and still they are making a profit.