Thursday, March 7, 2019

Some Interesting Outcomes

It's been a good (and informative) day...

  • Hubby is raving about how great his vision is after having cataract surgery in one eye yesterday.  He can now compare it to the other eye and said there is a huge difference in how much better he can see now that the cataract was removed and a new lens was inserted into his eye.  He is really looking forward to getting the other eye fixed in a couple weeks!
  • I saw this news article and the outcome was pretty awesome...a lady read the fine print of a contract and won $10,000 (which was in the fine print on page 7!).  Moral of the the fine print, you never know what you will find there!
  • I suppose this is an outcome of our ever-changing retail market...4,000 stores are set to close this year!  But looking through the stores that are closing I noted that I never shop at any of them so maybe other people don't either so maybe that is why they are closing?
  • An outcomes of our decision to head south to retire...we are basking in 70 degree weather while our former city is shoveling snow today!  Yikes!  No wonder my grandmother was always so happy to go to Arizona for the winter when she got older, I too am happy not to have to deal with bad weather anymore.
  • It's always cool to see how the internet brings people together...

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