Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Surgery Day

We spent the day getting hubby's cataract surgery done.  They do surgery on one eye then in a couple of weeks they will do the other eye.  It was a quick process, the people moved through the clinic like an assembly line (every 20 minutes a patient went in then out they popped in 20 minute increments a couple hours later).  Overall everything went well (he said he can see better through the eye that had surgery than the other one!) and I was surprised that they don't even bandage the eye afterwards, just put a clear plastic cover over it so he doesn't inadvertently rub the eye and disturb the new lens.

I've known several people who had good results with this sort of surgery but a couple of people who had not so good results so I was more worried pre-surgery than hubby was.  Fortunately all seems well plus the entire procedure was free compliment of the VA!