Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Holidays!

It's a busy holiday weekend in Las Vegas.  Along with the huge amount of traffic that happens with holidays (it took us a half hour to make a drive that usually takes 15 minutes yesterday) it is also up to 90 degrees today!  While we are staying home this weekend, there are all kinds of activities going on this weekend...

  • Happy Passover.  The Jewish holiday of Passover began last night.  We have several synagogues here in town and apparently this is a big holiday (we aren't Jewish so I have no idea how this is celebrated).
  • It's 4/20 day!  420 is the police code for marijuana infractions and so April 20th has become an unofficial holiday to celebrate pot.  Since marijuana is legal in our state there are actually several pot-themed events here this weekend (we don't use marijuana so this is a non-event for us but it is interesting to see what a big deal many people make of this).
  • Tomorrow is Easter!  We don't have any kids or grandkids nearby so Easter is kind of a non-holiday for us as well (no egg dying, no egg hunts) and it seems like the main celebration for this holiday in Las Vegas is that all of the buffets in town have a special Easter menu.
  • Today is the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Shooting.  Not happy and not a holiday but I can't believe 20 years has passed already since this national tragedy.  
  • Today is the first day of National Park Week.  This means that today entry fees are waived to all National Parks and if you check with your local National Parks, they may be having special events throughout the upcoming week.  Did you know that is now costs $35 to visit Grand Canyon National Park??  That's a lot!  This is why we have a senior national park pass (it was a one time $20 fee for a lifetime pass, I think this costs more now) but even at the regular annual fee of $80 per year, it's a money saver if you visit national parks very often.
  • Today is National Husband Appreciation Day!  Actually I just found this out when I Googled other events for this week.  I do appreciate the hubby and I will definitely let him know!
  • Earth Day will be on Monday, April 22.  This is the 10th anniversary of Earth Day and many communities will have celebrations and events for this day (we have GreenFest this weekend in our city).

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