Thursday, April 18, 2019

Some Rants

It's actually been a great day--my friend dropped off a nice gift for my birthday, I had another gift waiting in my mailbox from a friend in Japan, and the hubby and I had a great lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant.  OTOH there are some things I'm feeling ranty about today...

  • Starbucks changed their rewards system, it erased my free drink that I was going to get today, and their "improved" rewards system is actually worse for the customer than it was before (you have to spend more to get a free drink).  People--me included--are not happy about this.  I took the app of my phone and will no longer go there.
  • If I had spent nearly $2000 on a cell phone I would be freaking out about the new Samsung Fold that has had significant flaws--like breaking--within the first couple days of use.  Fortunately I didn't pre-order this new phone and certainly won't purchase one until the price goes (way) below $1000 and all of the issues have been worked out.
  • The teachers in our district often make the news, often for sex with students and other negative things, but this one kind of takes the cake.
  • More and more stores are closing.  RIP retail as we know it.
  • Finally, either I am getting old and crotchety or advertisements are becoming more horrible by the day (examples here and here).  I won't even buy a Kit Kat now because the song they use to advertise it are x rated and the company doesn't even care...ayayay.

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