Friday, July 5, 2019

A Crazy 4th of July

Yesterday was a weird 4th of July holiday for us, mostly because...

  • We had an earthquake!  I've been in earthquakes before in Seattle but this is the first one we have experienced in Las Vegas.  I was at work and started feeling dizzy but had no idea why.  Hubby called at the same time and said they were having a big earthquake at the casino he was at.  Although the earthquake was centered in California, some places in Vegas really felt the shaking while in other places, like the casino I was at, people just felt weird (one lady said she felt instantly nauseous and a guy thought he was having a blood pressure problem when he went to get up from the poker table; while the building didn't shake, I guess the minor undulation of the floor made everyone feel "weird").  Scary stuff!
  • Then I asked if I am working next week, the last week of the tournament, and the answer was "maybe".  So at present I will just show up at work and see if there is anything for me to do.  It is always like this during the last week since it is unknown how many people will show up for the last few tournaments before the final days of the event.
  • Finally, hubby and I decided to just stay home instead of going out to see the fireworks last night.  We can actually see the fireworks on The Strip from our deck and our neighbors must have spent thousands of dollars on illegal fireworks since they were literally shooting them off for hours last night.  We are just happy our house and palm trees weren't set on fire since it is very dry outside and sparks were flying everywhere.  I heard on the news that a total of 13 houses in our city were set on fire by fireworks last night :(
Five unrelated things...
  • Do you drive a Honda?  I heard on the news about the Honda airbag recall and I put my car's VIN number into the recall website.  My car didn't have a defective airbag but the SIL got a notice today that her Honda was part of the recall so I made an appointment to take it in to the shop next week and get a free fix for the problem.
  • I'm thinking about ways to make money once my temporary job ends.  Lately I have been loving YouTube videos on all sorts of topics and while I would love to put together a good YouTube channel, I am not great at visual editing.  For those of you who are interested, this reddit posts lists some great links for people wanting to put together professional looking videos.
  • Wireless headphones and earbuds are all the rage now.  I use my earphones and earbuds quite a lot (mostly for all of those YouTube videos I watch!) and I am often annoyed by the wires since they get tangled all the time.  Instead of springing for fancy smancy and horribly expensive wireless ear buds/phones ($300 for Sony 1000XM3s or $130 for Galaxy buds), I found a pair of Skullcandy wireless earphones for $24 at Ross.  Turns out they work great and the sound quality is just fine and it saved me a lot of money over buying the "very best" on the market.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.
  • Are you a potential member of a class action lawsuit?  Here's a list of a whole bunch of current class action lawsuits.
  • Amazon Prime Day will be here in a couple weeks.  While I have never found anything I needed from this popular online shopping sale, others might find this a great time to get discounts on the stuff they need.


  1. We are a member of a class action lawsuit based on a stock trade, and gathering the info has been a giant time sink. Wish I knew how much money we were talking about getting, so I could decide if it was worth it. So far, we've continued with the process.

    1. I've done a few of the class action lawsuits, mostly we end up getting less than $10 although one time I got a $50 check which was a huge surprise. I guess it depends on how many people apply for the payout?