Thursday, September 12, 2019

10 Quick Money Tips

Some random money tips...

  1. Museum Day Live is Saturday after next; there is still time to get your free museum tickets.
  2. This is the last big "tech hype" season of the year.  There have been several new Samsung releases in the past month and Apple announced several new products last week.  Bottom line, there is a lot of cool, new, expensive tech to think about for the upcoming holidays.  On the other hand, there is something to be said for being a late tech adopter.
  3. Here's a dream gig: this company will pay you $1000 to drink coffee for a month!
  4. An interesting article I recently came across...universities are now housing seniors (as in senior citizens) on campus.  This helps schools earn money and seniors save money so it's kind of a win-win for everyone.
  5. Another unusual deal...move to Italy, collect $27,000!
  6. We are working on the daughter's upcoming wedding a bit at a time.  So far the venue and minister are set and paid for, and the dinner has been booked.  The SIL set up a Zola account for the couple (some sort of online registry), and no one was excited to do the invitations so I did it myself, literally.  Wedding invitations are ridiculously expensive (I checked several sources, apparently they jack the price up on anything to do with weddings!) so I hopped on the computer, created a nice invitation with Publisher software and a few of their photos, then bought some printer ink (I haven't used my printer in ages since it is cheaper to just print off stuff I need at Office Depot) and printed out 100 color invitations on a nice quality, cream colored paper.  Hubby folded, I did mailing labels, we added stamps, and "ta da" that part is completely finished.  
  7. The tablet I put so much effort into finding last month?  It went back to Costco (I love their generous return policy).  I found that I was using it way too much, mostly for ingesting social media stuff like reddit and YouTube, when I really should be doing more productive stuff.  So while I still have my old tablet, I find that I don't use it as much and have come out of my vegetative state to work on things that may become money-earning ventures.
  8. On our local grocery store app this week--free eggs!  Not a big deal but free stuff is free stuff.  I make it a point to check the app each week before we go shopping just to make sure we aren't missing any free or deeply discounted stuff.
  9. I love reading stories of how people got out of debt.  Usually I can find a good tip or two that I can use myself!
  10. Finally, while I am not much for politics, Elizabeth Warren's plan to expand Social Security sounds like a great idea to me.

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