Sunday, September 8, 2019

Saving Money With Apps

I am not a big app user.  I bought my cell phone because it had a nice camera and fast processor but I don't use my phone for gaming or photo editing or anything besides reading the news and checking email.  A couple weeks ago, however, I saw a post on a deals website about the TMobile Tuesday app and the great deal the person had got with the app so I decided to check it out.

We have TMobile for our cell service but I figured using the app would just be a hassle.  But I downloaded the TMobile Tuesday app and I am really glad I did!  Every Tuesday I check the app and it gives users deals on a variety of things.  A couple weeks ago I got $2 off my drink at Baskin Robbins.  Last week we (I put the app on hubby's phone too) each got a free Whopper at Burger King (yes, I pulled the meat off and ate a veggie sandwich :) then we stopped by the local TMobile store and we each got a free hat.

Then I downloaded the Albertsons app for our local grocery store.  I had tried this app when it was new and it was clunky and basically useless but lately, every week, the store ad has had some really good specials you can only get when you use the app...

So I relented and I am really glad I decided to try the app again.  This week, using the app (again, I put the app on both of our phones for double the deals) we got the following great deals at our local grocery store: a watermelon for $4.50, two boxes of Cheerios for 25 cents each, organic ketchup was free as a bonus on hubby's app (not on mine, no idea why not), eggs for 67 cents a dozen, a dollar off almond milk, spaghetti for 50 cents, and the regular sale price on the coffee creamer and cheese (you can use the app for these sale prices or the coupons in the ad flyer).  The app-only specials are really really good deals!

We got all of this for a total of $22!

On a side note, I do occasionally use the Starbucks app.  If you load money on the app and use the app to pay for your drink, you will collect "stars" which can be redeemed for free drinks and other Starbucks items.

Do you know of any other great money-saving apps?

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  1. 2 I use - Flipp, an app that allows you to search local flyers for deals ie if you specifically need toilet paper, also shows all local weekly fliers. The other is Checkout 51 which gives you rebates after you buy specific products. It takes $20 to cash out and most of the time it is for products I don't need - but I generally get back $20-$40 a year that way