Saturday, October 5, 2019

5 Ways I'm Saving Money This Weekend

It's wonderful to be home!  Hospitals are great when you need them but home is always better (and way more relaxing).  This weekend we are saving money by...
  1. We got a notice from the HOA that some of the fronds on our palm trees are dead (no kidding, I can see them.  If I never live in an HOA again it will be too soon).  Our trees are getting pretty tall so I don't want either the hubby or I to climb up a ladder and trim them so I called the guy who chopped them down last time but I guess he is no longer in business.  I called around to other tree trimming places and got estimates of $200(!!!) to trim like a dozen limp fronds from our trees.  That was way too much IMHO so I went to Home Depot and got a 14 foot pole saw and trimmed them myself.  Hubby, being the macho guy he is, tried insisting on helping me which I refused (that's all he needs is to pop all of his stitches out!), and while I still need to cut some more dead or dying fronds (which is harder than it looks!), I think this is a great way to save money even if it does take quite a bit more physical effort.
  2. Hubby is still recovering--doing well but still feeling like someone sliced open his guts, which they technically did--so we are just staying around the house this weekend so he can continue to rest.  Not only does this save gas but it also saves small expenses that tend to crop up when we are out and about like hitting up the grocery and 99 Cent stores.
  3. We are eating all of our meals at home.  This saves a lot of money!  We have plenty of food in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer so cooking up three meals a day is simple and money saving (plus having leftovers is an added bonus).  It is also much healthier to eat at home instead of at restaurants.
  4. When I took my car into the dealership a while back to have the oil changed (the cheapest place for an all synthetic oil change) they said it was time to have the tires rotated.  They wanted to charge about $70(!) to do this so I declined.  I called our local Discount Tire to see how much they would charge to rotate the tires and they said it was free so I ran the car up to get the tires rotated for free but picked up a couple of $5 Little Caesars pizzas as a sort of tip for the guys working in the shop.  It was a win-win for everyone and a great way to save money!
  5. I changed out the air intake filters in our house.  We do this a couple of times a year, in the spring and fall, and this really helps extend the life of our HVAC system (I also buy the filters in bulk when they come on sale at Walmart or Costco).
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Edit:  One more way I just saved money this weekend...I have had a great cell phone plan through TMobile which included three lines of unlimited everything (calling, text, data, hot spot data, international use, etc) which was a wonderful plan, cost wise.  We gave one of the lines to one of the kids and hubby and I use the other lines.  Now the son no longer needs the line since his job provides him a cell phone so I checked TMobile and found that we qualify for their senior phone plan which includes two lines of unlimited everything for only $55 a month so I switched plans and now we are saving $45 a month!


  1. That over the head stuff is hard! Now you have the saw, you can trim without HOA letter. My daughter had three small holes when her gall bladder was removed. Did they do the surgery where they almost cut him in half to remove it?

    1. Fortunately he got the three small holes so the recovery time should be a lot shorter than when the slice a big hole!