Saturday, October 12, 2019

20 Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. Fortunately hubby is feeling much better and healing well!
  2. Are you a good amateur baker?  The Great American Baking Show is casting.
  3. Here's an interesting infographic, how long will your house last?  Looks like I have a whole bunch of maintenance to do soon!
  4. If $6000 to $10,000 is a "middle class income", we must be really really lower class.  Yikes!
  5. Here are a whole bunch of birthday freebies you can sign up for.
  6. In unusual economic news, an interesting article on prison economics.
  7. Something to think about if you are considering retiring overseas in a cheaper country.
  8. I worry a lot about housing when I get old, apparently this is a big concern for many people.
  9. And then there are these homeless (by choice, mostly) older people who are creating their own on-the-road tribe.
  10. This was an interesting discussion about many seniors who live on Social Security.
  11. One of the random ideas I've had for making money is starting a YouTube channel.  Here's (what else) a YouTube "how to" video for this.
  12. If you are considering moving to a no-tax state (I currently live in one now and it's great not paying state income tax!) here is a good write up about that topic.
  13. I've heard of county collectors and country collectors and people who collect National Park visits but this guy collects Starbucks visits--15,000 of them so far!
  14. I love stories about people going to extremes to pay off debt, here is a good recent article on the topic.
  15. Another year, another many thousands of stores closing...seems like a slow motion retail apocalypse happening!
  16. California can't catch a break!  Whether it is evacuating from a lengthy power outage or evacuating in a hurry from wildfires, here is some good info on what to do if you find yourself in an emergency evacuation situation.
  17. FYI, Monday is Columbus Day, here is a list of which businesses are open and which are closed.
  18. We were looking for some sort of bookshelf to help organize a closet and couldn't find anything suitable during our previous shopping trips to the Goodwill so I went online to Big Lots, saw that I would get a $5 off coupon if I signed up for their email, and got a new bookcase for less than $20 with the coupon!
  19. Speaking of discounts, here is a good website I check often for freebies.
  20. Finally, one of the more interesting pictures I saw this week...