Wednesday, October 16, 2019

So Appy

One way I've been saving money these days is by using apps on my cell phone.  There are thousands of apps out there designed to help you save money and while I am probably barely scratching the surface of money-saving app use, there are a handful of apps that I use often that save me about $10+ per week.  These include...

  • TMobile Tuesday app.  Since I have TMobile I added this app and check it each Tuesday to see what deals they are offering.  Sometimes there is nothing I really need but other times there are some great deals (like this week's $2 discount at Baskin Robbins which I used to buy an already on sale B & R Blast which made my cost for the drink only $1.24!).
  • Little Caesars app.  We don't eat pizza from this restaurant very often but we often buy their $5 pizzas for other people like today when I brought two pizzas to the guys at the shop who keep hubby's and the SIL's old cars running so well; often don't even charge us for the work they do so we always bring them food.  Today I used the Little Caesar's app and got free crazy bread with my order!
  • Albertsons app.  This is our local grocery store and each week we use the app to get some great app-only savings.  Today I picked up a couple of 40 ounce bottles of All laundry detergent for only 64 cents each with the app!  
  • Charity Miles app.  While this app doesn't save me money, I use it when I walk and it donates a certain amount (a few cents maybe?) per mile to the charity of my choice.  I'm walking anyway so this is a great way to help a non-profit at the same time.
  • Starbucks app.  Sometimes I will add money to my Starbucks app and occasionally I will receive Starbucks gift cards which I can add to the app.  Either way, when I use the Starbucks app to buy a drink, I also accrue "points" for free stuff like bakery items and drinks.
This week I will be looking into apps that will actually help me make money which I've heard about but never really considered before.  What your favorite apps to help you save or earn money?


  1. I was just getting into using aps. My phone was stolen, so I have to wait until I can afford a new one. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Oh no, I hope you can get a new phone soon. I think eBay has some pretty good prices on used phones.