Sunday, December 15, 2019

An Update in 10 Points...

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I just realized I hadn't blogged in ages!  Here's what's been happening...

  1. Our weather this month is perfect!  It's bright and sunny and relatively warm and if we really need snow we can drive about 30 minutes to the mountains to ski.  We keep watching the news about snow and ice storms all over the country and don't miss that kind of weather one bit.
  2. The National Finals Rodeo is finished for this year so there should be a noticeable lack of cowboys around town starting tomorrow.
  3. One of the grandkids will spend Christmas in jail.  Their mom called and asked if we would pay bail to which we replied "sorry, no".  We don't bail anyone out of jail since it was their own actions that landed them there in the first place.  Sad, but they don't get rewarded for being stupid.
  4. The presidential impeachment situation is weird and should get even more interesting next week.
  5. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner party with my walking club.  The group tries different restaurants each year so we have went places we otherwise would never have tried; the Italian place last night was great!
  6. I have done hardly any Christmas shopping this year.  I bought small gifts for my friend and her family in Japan (and made sure they were lightweight gifts because shipping costs are astronomical!) and we sent money to all of the kids which pretty much concluded our holiday gift giving.
  7. We have been doing our usual Christmas romance movie binge nearly every evening.  Thank goodness for Netflix and Amazon Prime!
  8. I'm debating starting a YouTube channel at the beginning of the year.  I watch so many YouTube videos that I think "I can do that" but it is definitely a lot of work with filming and editing the videos so I am still considering if this is a good idea or not.
  9. I am also thinking about what kind of income-generating things I want to do in the new year.  A job is so...not me, really (I've always liked owning my own businesses better than working for someone else).  There is a lot of talk about a recession in the next year or so, so I would really like to be completely out of debt and even make a big dent in the mortgage we have on our house too if possible.
  10. We have fallen off of the healthy eating band-wagon (holidays and goodies and all of that) so that will be a top priority in the new year too!


  1. Good for you for not bailing kid out of jail. What kind of you tube channel. I want one about my chickens when I get new chickens.

    1. I don't know too much about YouTube yet but it looks like you sign in with your Gmail address and you can set up your own channel then upload videos that you can then share with anyone who goes to your channel.