Monday, December 16, 2019

Getting Ready for the New Year

I spent the day getting ready for the new year!  Today I...

  • picked up hubby's prescription medications before the end of the year (next week at the hospital should be an absolute zoo since the hospital/pharmacy will be closed for several days at the end of the year).  On the one hand, all of his meds are free compliments of the military, on the other hand, there are lines and long waits everywhere, even on a good day.
  • cleaned the house from top to bottom.  I do this weekly anyway but I like minimizing as I go along in order to get rid of unneeded stuff.  We now have big boxes of stuff waiting to be sent to the Philippines and taken to the Goodwill.
  • got my new monthly calendar book (above) and added all important dates for next year (birthdays, holidays, events I want to attend, etc).  I still absolutely love paper calendars.
  • updated all of my websites.  I even resurrected my Vegas Walking website as I intend to do a lot of walking in the new year.
  • deleted a lot of unneeded files on my computer.  In addition to trying to be more anti-consumption and minimalist in the new year, I am also aiming for digital minimalism too and figured it's about time I clean up files on my computer that I haven't needed for years.
  • am thinking about what I will do for income in the new year.  I came across this useful list, but on the down side, at least from what I've been reading, the glory days of easily landing a high income job, even with exceptional experience, seem to be over (example here).  Sad.
  • took some spare time and fell down the rabbit-hole of YouTube.  I thought it was interesting that this lady mentioned doing the same thing in her blog post today.  Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, dozens of more videos are suggested for you, so I've seen everything from this guy completely renovating a basement on fast forward, to this teenage stripper giving life advice to my favorite tech review lady to this guy's interesting/irreverent take on travel destinations.

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