Wednesday, January 15, 2020

10 Random Things...

  1. It is a week of beautiful weather in Las Vegas (see photo above).  Meanwhile my friends in Washington State and Vancouver BC are being hammered by snow!
  2. Next Monday (January 20) will be free entrance day to the National Parks.  If you don't have an annual parks pass or don't want to pay high fees to visit a park (some entry fees can go up to $35 per car!) this is a great opportunity to visit a park/parks for free!
  3. Here are 125 Ways to Make Money While Traveling--many of which you can use to make money from home as well!.
  4. I'm feeling old as I read this article about 12 skills that are now pretty much obsolete, many of which were required learning for my generation and everyone who came before us!  Yikes!
  5. And then there was this post about a Future Without Work.  Many people think this is a far-fetched idea but with AI and robots taking over many jobs, I don't think it is outside the realm of possibility.
  6. I got busy a few days ago and made two posts on my other blog, one on ways that Las Vegas locals can save money and one that outlines ways tourists to Las Vegas can save money.
  7. We went to a party at a friend's house last weekend and had a great time.  We get invited to a lot of parties but don't often go but we had a great time so I think we might do this more often.
  8. Imagine our shock when we were casually watching the news and our favorite Indian Restaurant showed up on a "Dirty Dining" segment.  Needless to say, we need to find a new favorite Indian restaurant!
  9. I really want a new, high-end 8 inch tablet.  The best on the market right now is an iPad Mini 5 but I really don't like Apple products.  So I am pondering the idea of buying a high-end Huawei tablet from China via Aliexpress.  Some people rave about this company, others have nothing good to say about it.  And since Huawei is kinda sorta banned in the US there is the requirement that the tablet owner has to side-load the Google store which also seems to be hit or miss.  I'm really hoping Samsung comes up with better tablet options soon.
  10. Finally, I am looking forward to doing our taxes in the next couple of weeks.  I worked very little this year so we should get a good-sized refund which will come close to paying off our car!


  1. I think sewing is a good skill to have. My older daughter rebelled, but my younger learned to sew. Carjackers need to learn to drive a shift since they often cannot drive the car they jack and have to run away.

  2. What about a fire tablet i have 2 and absolutely love them