Sunday, January 12, 2020

3 Lessons from Today's Shopping Trip

I ran over to Target today (literally, I like to do my errands on foot!), and picked up a few things I needed (see photo above).  When I shopped today I...

  1. ...used coupons.  In our junk mail each week we get pages and pages of coupons, many are for stuff we would never use but some are for products we actually need.  I cut out the coupons and took them to the store with me today and used coupons--ranging from $2 off to $4 off--for each of the items I bought.
  2. ...used the coupons specifically because Target had a blanket "20% off all vitamins" sale.  For example, the Centrum vitamins were $9.99 plus 20% off which made them $8 then I used a $4 off coupon so those vitamins were only $4!  It's always a good idea to use coupons when the item you want is already on sale. 
  3. ...checked my receipt before I left the store and found the 20% off vitamins sale wasn't taken off my purchases when they were rang up so I went over to the customer service desk and they refunded the sale price on each bottle of vitamins.
Total spent for these items today: $22.47.  Regular price for these items: $42.21.  Amount saved: $19.74.