Saturday, January 11, 2020

A Quick Update

Not much happening so far this year, however...

  • if you are in the south or the east I hope you are safe from the storm that is coming through today and tomorrow--it looks pretty wicked on the news!
  • my brother in law got a new car because he hit not one but three deer which totaled his old car.  On the one hand, yeah, new car, on the other hand, such an event is still a big expense between the deductible ($1000) and the loss of value of the old car (his old car was still in great shape even though the insurance value of the car wasn't very much, so buying a new car with the small pay out for the old car means a big, new expense for him).
  • the ad situation on this blog is a mess!  I never see ads on any of my blogs or websites because I use uBlock Origin which blocks ads on all websites.  When I got a notice to update some code for Adsense, I turned off the ad blocker to see how it looked and realized that the Adsense "auto ad" placement was putting ads all over the blog and it looked terrible (the ads were only supposed to be in the side bar).  So I went in and changed some code and it still doesn't look right.  I'll be working on this to try to get it fixed.
  • I am so tempted to start a YouTube channel because I am such a fan of watching YouTube videos and I think "I could do that".  But I'm not sure if I could do that or not because, #1 I am awful at video editing, and #2, I don't think I am very entertaining.  We'll see what happens with this...
  • although my life is currently great, I read this article about women's mid-life crisis (which is apparently disastrous for many, both socially and financially) followed by this comment section about the article (more doom and gloom) and now I really am worried!  Yikes!


  1. Your YouTube channel would be great. We need other perspectives on finance on YouTube.
    The ads are now only showing up on the side bar. - Mary Ann