Saturday, March 14, 2020

10 Things from This Weekend

It's pretty quiet around here.  I stayed home but hubby decided to go play poker and apparently the poker room was pretty busy even though nearly every single player there is in the high risk group...eeekkk.  It's been generally crazy around here (I think, I only know what I read online because we are well and truly stocked and avoid the stores like the plague!) and many people are being laid off their jobs since a big part of the workforce deals directly with the pubic and many events have been cancelled causing a ripple effect through all of Las Vegas.  Here's some other things from this weekend...

  1. Las Vegas made the national news.
  2. Here is a '100 free and useful software' list for students.  Which might be helpful if your students are at home for weeks on end.  
  3. If you are stuck at home, here are 12 museums from around the world that you can visit virtually.
  4. Here are 50 examples of how the coronavirus is affecting people's lives.
  5. And here are all of the big events closed by the coronavirus (I would have thought the sports books would have had a collective aneurysm when they cancelled March Madness, that's more than a multi billion dollar impact on Las Vegas alone!).
  6. There are rumors that the World Series of Poker may be cancelled this year (so many events are cancelled now in Las Vegas).  Obviously it would be a good thing for public health but I would be really disappointed because I love working this event!
  7. Our family has also been affected by the virus in various ways.  One SIL travels a lot but she has cancelled all of her tickets for the time being and may end up staying with us until this blows over, several family members in Connecticut work in the casinos there and all have been laid off until further notices and most of the grandkids are staying home as their schools have all been closed until further notice.
  8. On a happier note, today is Pi Day!  Here are a bunch of deals to celebrate the holiday.
  9. Also on a happier note, when I need happier news than what I can find from most media outlets, I check out this subreddit.
  10. Hopefully we will keep seeing resources come up to help people impacted by the coronavirus.  The SBA has a small business program to provide disaster assistance, the USDA is helping out with free meals for kids whose schools were closed, and many utility companies will halt shut offs during the pandemic. 

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