Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 1 On Lock Down

Last night our governor essentially put the entire state on lockdown.  Casinos were ordered to close down, schools are closed until further notice, and all non-essential businesses were told to close for at least 30 days.  Medical facilities, grocery stores, gas stations, and other necessary businesses are still open.  Did you know that our marijuana shops are considered an "essential business"??  Needless to say, people were pretty freaked out about the whole situation both because this is Vegas, it's supposed to be a party every day, and because hotel guests were given less than 24 hours notice to leave...pretty shocking stuff.  So far the hubby and I are...

  • Spending our second day at home (technically this is our fourth day but two of those days we went out, once to the store and once to the hospital).  Hubby seems a bit better, meanwhile I suddenly have the head cold from hell. 
  • I was bored so I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies this morning.  Yum!  Apparently "stress baking" is a thing!
  • Our yard has never looked better.  I go outside for about an hour each morning and work on cleaning up the yard and doing outside tasks.  It's nice to get some fresh air.
  • We watched the move 'Outbreak' on Netflix last night because, why not? 
  • I have an appointment to get my driver's license renewed this month and now the DMV is closed until further notice.  There was no info for what people should do if their license expires before the DMV opens up again.  Yikes!
  • I filled out the census a couple days ago.  It was really simple and took less than five minutes.  It seems like in past decades the census questionnaire was dozens of questions long, but not this time.
  • Here's 100 things to do if you are trapped inside during the coronavirus quarantine. 
  • Here are a few things to know about the coronavirus: don't take ibuprofen for your coronavirus symptoms, also, even though young people aren't getting the coronavirus as frequently or intensely as older people, they can still become severely ill from the virus.
  • Overall, this is the most extreme situation I can ever remember our country being in.  I hope we get over this situation soon!
I hope you are all staying safe and secure, hopefully at home, so you won't be exposed to people who are sick!


  1. I was able to renew my dl online. But, you can only do it once and use the last picture. So, it is time to renew mine. How do I get a new picture if they will not let me in the courthouse?

    1. I renewed my license online last time and this time it won't let me so I guess every other renewal they want us to actually show up at the DMV? There was one lady on the news who lost her ID card and couldn't get any social service help without it and she had no way to get a duplicate without the office being open...problematic all the way around!

  2. I have to go out later today to take my cat to the vet. Not happy about it, but I have to find out why he's peeing around the house. Could be a medical condition. Sigh.

    1. Bummer :( I hope your cat is OK and it is nothing serious!